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When I came to Jackie my life was in shambles. Although I am an attorney myself, I had foolishly given up custody because of misplaced guilt, and my ex-wife was steadily using that to alienate my daughter from me and to replace me with her new husband as the father. During our first meeting, Jackie was brutally honest and made me face some harsh truths. It stung but I took it to heart. What followed were months of hard-fought litigation during which Jackie was hyper-responsive, tenacious and very capable. The culmination was me getting custody back, and much, much more in addition; more than I thought was possible. I trusted Jackie wholly, scrupulously followed her advice and in exchange she set things right. As a former client and current colleague, I cannot think of a better matrimonial attorney.

-Daniel A.


When I turned 48 I made the daunting decision to divorce my husband of 18 years. I had thought about this for many years but never garnered the strength to finally put my thoughts into action. Adding to the mixture was my beautiful 13 year old daughter. I was petrified of the impact this life changing experience would have on her.

Enter Jackie Barnett into my life.  She literally had me at hello. She was beautiful and welcoming, immediately putting me at ease. Her intelligence and empathy captivated me. I instantly realized this was the partner I needed to guide me through the most tumultuous time of my life. My divorce was a two year process which eventually led to trial. No matter Jackie’s case load, she always made me feel I was her number one priority.  I ALWAYS had 100 percent of her devoted attention. My daughter’s welfare was just as important, if not more important than mine.  Whether in depositions or cross examination, Jackie was a master in the court of law. Having a judge decide your financial future is nerve wracking to say the least.  Thanks to Jackie’s expertise, my divorce’s resolution exceeded my wildest imagination.

One would always hope to have this force of nature working on your side, not against you. After 20 years she is still part of my life. Looking back….I initially walked into her office fearful. Two years later I felt fearless!

I am blessed to have been introduced to this phenomenal woman!!



Divorce is a traumatic life experience even if you are the partner who instigates the proceeding and you need a lawyer who doubles as your smartest friend, your big sister and your biggest advocate. Jackie gives you the support you need to endure a lengthy and emotionally draining process.

Jackie tells it to you straight in her inimitable staccato style and doesn’t sugarcoat anything and that’s what you want and need. You also need an individual who is dedicated, responsive and available. Over the course of eighteen months there was never one unanswered phone call or one email not promptly answered.

Her integrity and humor made a very challenging process far more bearable and her confidence made me believe ever more strongly that with her assistance and expertise my quality of life would improve rapidly!

In divorce, even the most amicable nothing is ever easy or simple but by listening to Jackie it was as painless as possible. I have the highest regard for her as an advocate and now as a friend.

She will be your biggest cheerleader and strongest advocate. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

If I ever get married again my first call will be to Jackie to write a pre-nuptial agreement.



Divorce is awful. It’s painful, scary, and uncomfortable. Looking back now, the thought of going through this life changing experience without Jaci is unthinkable. From our first meeting together, she literally held my hand and let me know we were going to get through it. When I was confused, Jaci helped me find my way. When I was discouraged, Jaci gave me hope. She was tough when she needed to be, but always fair, and always thoughtful. Jaci helped me keep my eye on the prize– the health and happiness of our children –and that was everything. With Jaci’s help, we drafted a solid, fair and livable agreement. Today my kids are thriving and my ex-husband and I have a very warm and decent relationship. In addition to being an amazing attorney, she’s part therapist, part comic, and part best friend. I trust and respect her implicitly.

-Matt B.


Jacalyn Barnett is tireless, fierce and brilliant with a great sense of humor. There are no words to describe Jaci’s unwavering commitment and dedication.  I have suffered tremendous financial setbacks through the years yet Jaci’s support, dedication and true advocacy have been a constant.

My ongoing case is exceedingly time consuming and complex. For years, Jaci has gone and continues to go above and beyond -available day and night, weekends and vacations- she is attuned to every detail, a creative thinker, respectful, thoughtful and a fierce advocate. No words can describe how grateful I am to Jaci for her ongoing support -my family would be lost without her.



Jacalyn Barnett has the three “C”s – competence, compassion and chutzpah.

When I needed help to end a 20-year marriage while balancing the care of my two young daughters and working full time, Jacalyn was there for me.  I am a practicing attorney but was not prepared to advocate or negotiate for myself, my family and finances through the emotional landmines of a divorce. Jacalyn supported me through the process with her experience, knowledge of the law and responsiveness.

I so appreciated her warmth and honesty when reviewing options and approaches.  I trusted her judgment completely – especially during those tense negotiations with my ex-husband’s counsel. There were a few times when Jacalyn thought it necessary for a no-holds barred approach. I trusted her judgment (even while my stomach churned), and she succeeded beyond my dreams. 

I may not have gotten everything I think I wanted, but she got me everything I needed.

She was my indefatigable advocate through complicated and emotional negotiations. After we received the Judgment, and toasted her with champagne I can truthfully say: She’s a bitch, but she’s “my” bitch. 

I am grateful to her for helping me through the next stage of life with my daughters.

-Lauren C.


Jacalyn Barnett is a tireless, fierce and brilliant advocate. There are no words to describe her and her office’s unwavering commitment and dedication to excellence and obtaining the best possible result for each client. She makes it a priority to be available day and night, even while she is on vacation. Jackie’s attention to detail and strategy is extraordinary. These strengths and attributes enabled her to achieve a fantastic result that I simply did not think was possible prior to meeting her.  No words can describe how thankful I am to Jackie and her office for their ongoing support – my family and I are forever grateful to her and her team.

– E. B.


I have been a lawyer for more than fifty years. While my practice has been mostly in the area of business financial transactions I have also been in a position to represent some of those clients  (and members of their families) on personal matters where I needed the specific expertise of co-counsel. 

About 30 years ago I was referred to Ms. Barnett when I was seeking a lawyer to assist in preparing a prenuptial agreement for a client. At the time she was the head of the matrimonial department of a large and well respected law firm in New York City. Based on the expertise and professionalism that she brought to that experience she has since become my lawyer of choice for a variety of matrimonial law matters on which we have worked together, including pre-divorce counseling, litigation strategy and settlement issues.

Jackie Barnett is both “law smart” and “street smart”. She is extraordinarily insightful in sizing up situations and people. Consistent with that, she knows when to be assertive and when to hang back, and she does so without losing sight of the “big picture” goal of representing the best interests of her client.  And unlike so many lawyers (and persons in other walks of life) we have all had to deal with from time to time, representing her client is not about “beating her adversary” for its own sake or gratifying her own ego in other ways.  

I would be happy to speak to anyone considering hiring Ms. Barnett to discuss further the matters I have written about. Just ask her for my contact information and she will provide it.


Jacalyn Barnett saved my life, gave me life and wings to fly. She appeared in my life with her WONDER WOMAN vibe and couture, ready to handle ANYTHING…EVERYTHING coming our way.

Not only is she brave, strong, courageous, and smart, she made it possible to go forward in life with love, light, positivity, and confidence.

Jacalyn executes at the highest level and gets the job DONE with integrity, determination, and wit. Keeping her eye on the prize… YOUR HAPPINESS.